What is BitMax? | Review of BitMax exchange

What is BitMax?  |  Review of BitMax exchange

The demand for digital assets is growing rapidly due to the continued growth of the cryptocurrency industry. However, the industry needs a better platform to ensure smoother connectivity across all markets and participants, from venture capital and project funding to institutional investors and organization. One proposed solution, BItMax, is looking to transform this space with an autonomous, community-based training network.

What is BitMax?What is BitMax?

BitMax.io is a new digital asset trading platform that provides cryptocurrency trading services to a wide range of clients, including professional traders, institutional investors and private investors. The platform has nearly 20,000 users globally with many active trading pairs and additional listings undergoing approval.

With many decentralized exchanges operating in this space, BitMax sets itself apart from the competition in two fundamental ways: first, by giving users the features they really want, including includes high-performance trading, liquidity, easy-to-use interface, security from attacks, and stable services for uptime and market volatility management.

Second, BitMax offers users an innovative feature called fee-conversion mining model, which not only reduces transaction costs, but also offers the potential for traders to profit from trading. Translate. This is an innovative way to incentivize the use of the BitMax platform for traders to earn both investment and mining income.

Instructions to register for BitMax exchange

Step 1: Log in to BitMax.IO exchange enter your Email, Stick tick the box “I have read and agreed to .” Terms of Services” Then Click Signup

What is BitMax?

Step 2: The floor will send a verification email to your account, you need to log in your email to get 6 bold numbers in the email.

What is BitMax?

Enter the code and click ok

What is BitMax?

Step 3: Enter the password and re-enter the password for the BitMax account. Please choose a strong password of at least 8 characters with uppercase, lowercase letters and numbers or special characters for safety. And like that successfully registered, you log in and prepare to see its interface

What is BitMax?

Successfully registered BitMax exchange account, now proceed to log in with the newly created Email and Password.

Step 4: KYC and secure by 2FA

Please hover your mouse over the email and select Account Verification to KYC.

What is BitMax?
Bitmax exchange KYC

Fill out the following information:

  • Country or Region: Vietnam
  • Last name: Your name
  • First name: Your last name
  • Card Type: Choose Passport or National ID (ID)
  • ID/Passport No: Passport number or ID card number
  • Then press NEXT

What is BitMax?

Then scroll down to the google 2FA section, click Settings to install it

What is BitMax?

Upload a photo of your ID card

  • 01 photo of the front of the ID card
  • 01 photo holding ID card and signature

Above, Bitcoin Magazine guides you how to register for Bitmax exchange, and shows you how to verify KYC and secure 2FA on BiMax exchange.

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