How do I make a playlist on video player?

How do I make a playlist on video player?

How to Create Playlists With Windows Media Player. Create a custom playlist with Windows Media Player quickly and easily by using the media library in Windows Media Player. You can choose to add whole albums or individual songs to your playlist. Once you have created your Windows Media Player playlist, you can then save and play the playlist whenever you would like.

Open Windows Media Player by choosing the “Start” button on your computer, pointing to “All Programs” and clicking on “Windows Media Player.”

Click the “Library” tab at the top of Windows Media Player to access the Windows Media Player media library.

Select the “Now Playing List” button on the right side of Windows Media Player and click “Clear List” to delete any items in your Now Playing list.

Begin creating your Windows Media Player playlist by clicking the plus sign next to “All Music” in the Windows Media Player “Contents” pane, and then click the plus sign next to “Albums.”

Choose an album from the Contents pane and drag the title of the album over to the “List” pane that is under the “Now Playing List.” This will add the entire album to the playlist you are creating.

Add individual songs from an album by clicking on the album in the Contents pane to display the songs from the album in the Details pane. You can now drag the individual songs under the “Now Playing List.”

Save your playlist by clicking on the “Now Playing List” button and clicking “Save Playlist As.” Name your playlist in the “Save As” dialog box.


Remove an item from your playlist by right clicking on the item and selecting “Remove from List” from the shortcut menu.

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