Can you see how many plays a playlist has on Spotify?

Can you see how many plays a playlist has on Spotify?

Spotify have removed monthly listeners for playlists in their Desktop App (previously found under ‘Discovered On’).

As a result, estimated monthly listener data for playlists has been removed from Chartmetric as of May 20, 2020.

Important things to note

Here’s a link to an article in Spotify’s Community Help Center regarding the change.

For historical purposes we have included our previous help center article below. This explains how we used to collect the estimated monthly listener count for playlists.

Once again, the below process is no longer achievable.

To get the estimated number of monthly playlist listeners we would follow the process of going to the ‘about’ page for an artist in the Spotify desktop app, then looking at Discovered On.

Here’s an article that showed our process in detail.

We recorded these numbers for thousands of artists and thousands of playlists and the average value of the monthly listener count from those playlist what you see from estimated listener column.

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